​​​MCIFA (Melbourne city independent film awards), The best original score for the short film "DISPIRITED"​​​​​​​
Nominated for the original score of the film "ROTTEN" in Japan Kadoma festival​​​​​​​


GlobalFest 2023 (NYC)
Secret Planet 2023 APAP Showcase (NYC)
Barbes Iranian Folk and Traditional 2022 (NYC)
Let Her Sing 2022 (U.S., SF)
Yalda Night at The Bridge and Tunnel (NYC)
Yalda Night at TheTrops (NYC)
Womex 2019 Finland
Concerts in Germany, Switzerland, and France 2019 with Khonyagaran orchestra 
Fajr music festival "Tehran and Abadan" 2019
Performance and talk in the first Tedxiums "Tedx of Iran university of medical sciences"
Concert with Zhaw ensemble "Tehran and Kish island" 2019
Participated in "Kobyz palace" fiddlers festival Kazakhstan 2018
Performance in "Love letters from the Middle East" theatre 2017
Participated in "1695 project" modern music festival, Shiraz
Concert with "Moje no" orchestra Composed by Ali Ghamsari, Vocal by Mohammad Motamedi
Concert with Mehras ensemble 
Concert with Naghshava ensemble 
Concert with Ghoghagaran ensemble 
Concert with Azar ensemble ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Concert with paykoob band

​​​​​​​ The way, Wing, Egyptian, Wave, Water bubbles, Purity


Published tracks​​​​​​​

​​​​The short film "A Poetess"
The short film "Abyssal"

The short film "And JUST TWO MORE"
The short film "ZUGZUANG"
The short film "ROTTEN"
The short film "DISPIRITED"
The Theater "MARBAZI"
The short film "THE DOUBLE LIFE OF MUSA"
The featured film "OVERPASS"

​Mehrnam Rastegari is a well-established Iranian musician and film score composer, singer, violinist, and master Kamancheh player. She has been featured in concerts and music festivals worldwide, including in The United States, Germany, Switzerland, France, Finland, Iran, and Kazakhstan. These performances have occurred at some of the most prestigious music festivals in the World, including the GlobalFest in NYC, USA, Secret Planet in NYC, USA, Fajr International Music Festival in Tehran, Iran, and the WOMEX (World Music Expo), which occurred in Tampere, Finland.
Rastegari is an extraordinary performer on Kamancheh and has been recognized by some of the best Kamancheh performers and instructors globally, who certified her as a Master Kamancheh player. She was featured as a guest speaker in the TEDx event “Oasis: Existence in Nothingness.” Additionally, she composed the score for multiple award-winning films, including “Dispirited” for which she won the award of “Best Original Score” from the Melbourne City Independent Film Awards (MCIFA), and the film “Rotten,” which was nominated for the original score in Japan Kadoma Festival​​​​​.
​​​​​​​She was born in 1991 in Iran. Her first stint with music was at the age of 11 when she was trying to play different rhythms on a traditional Iranian percussion called Tombak. Her family encouraged her to learn Tombak professionally. In the music institute, she discovered a magical sound flowing from the Violin class. well! She was mesmerized by it, so she decided to learn Violin, she also played Kamanche, a kind of Iranian fiddle, for several years. She practiced very hard and enjoyed every moment of playing it. In her teens, during some musical events and performances, she got in touch with other Iranian musical instruments and music maestros. The similarities between the Iranian Violin and Kamancheh made her choose Kamancheh as her main musical instrument. She learned from the best Kamancheh masters such as Imamyar Hasanov, and Ardeshir Kamkar to name a few. After learning for six months she had her first official concert as a Kamancheh player with an ensemble. The success of the concert made her very popular and gave her many opportunities to perform in different ensembles. After almost a year she felt like composing her music. She experimented and improvised in various styles. Eventually, she found herself in fusion and world music.
Her art reflects her interest in the juxtaposition of cultures. She believes that in current times the most valuable arts are those which most people with different languages can feel connected.

Film scores and theaters​​​​​​​